I got hit by electricity today

@mojcica (1512)
November 6, 2008 4:33pm CST
A charger for my cell phone got broken a few days or maybe its already been ove rthe week and I still havent fix it. Its not a major fiy since I just need to glue the plastic together, but still didnt come around to do it. And I wouldnt be me if I wouldnt first connect the charger to the power and then to the phone, instead of visa versa. So when I wante to connect the phone I got a small electrical shock going through my finger :( Thank god it wasnt anything serious but i do think that we play around with things like that too often without thinking that something serious can happen. Luckily for me I came out with just a painful finger, but it could have been a totally different story. So note to me and all the others: *be carefull with electricity!*
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• Philippines
6 Nov 08
I've experienced it also while i was connecting some wires on my pc. and after that i feel that my left arm really went numb. From then on, i always ask someone to repair or put the electrical wirings at home. I really got a phobia with electricity nowadays.
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
6 Nov 08
I never really thought of that, that you should connect the charger to your phone first. I guess it is a good idea. Good thing you're alright, I don't think you could have really gotten injured from that, but you never really know.
@slash23 (102)
• Philippines
6 Nov 08
Yeouch! Yup, thank god it's nothing serious! About connecting the charger to the power and then to the phone, hey I have that habit too. Same goes to my laptop, digicam and handycam. :) I remember a relative trying to "fix" an appliance in the house. She's no expert on that so when she plugged it in, she got electrocuted too (don't worry, it was also just a soft jolt" :) Lesson learned, if you have a something broken, let the experts fix it. Thanks for the warning, mojcica.