Do you have a boss who is never satisfied.....

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@kkanaka (887)
November 6, 2008 6:35pm CST
Today early morning my mood went off because of my boss.... she is never satisfied, when we do a work she will always say something bad or would say "could have done this way", never will she appreciate a good thing about us.... we all dread when she calls us... because it is always to complain... Early morning she called me to install something on her notebook and didnt give much time to do it also, she came back soon and was so angry that I didnt finish it.. am I magician or something... she wants everything at a snap of her fingers, Iam feeling so low... never can I ever satisfy her, nowadays I just hate to see her.. its getting worse day by day.... How about you? Is your boss kind and friendly or very demanding and can never be satisfied like mine... please share your views..
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• Malaysia
7 Nov 08
I'm sorry to hear your story and I really understand your feeling right now. I'm also got a "not so fine" boss but the different is that she's not the "open mouth" type. She seldomly complained but she will asked for a changes. Can you imagine, one chart drawing same job that I have to modified for 10 times and it's all because of her fault. She designed the chart structure by herself in order to impress the higher boss without any discussion or consultation. So, everytime when the "big boss" rejected, I'm the one who will be a victim. Keep on drawing again and again. Hopefully you can be more patient in dealing with your boss. Regarding the case that you mentioned before about the "installation process" why didn't you suggest to her that the long process taken is due to her notebook. The notebook needs to be upgrade so the problem will be solved.
@kkanaka (887)
• Singapore
7 Nov 08
to be exact it wasnt long at all, it only took 3 mins and within that 3min she came back and gave her long and angry face.... stupid cow... regarding your case you are just the unfortunate one i think.. thanks for the response.....