November 6, 2008 7:22pm CST
I get worried when I clean out my aquarium because my arowana always stops eating for almost a week. Got any tips to control this thing?
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• United States
7 Nov 08
How large is the fish? If it is large enough then there is nothing to worry about. What kinds of food are you feeding him/her? Maybe you need to change to another group of foods. Are there any decorations such as plants in the tank so that the fish can hide behind while you clean the tank. How do you clean that tank? Do you change more than 50% of the water each time? If so then the change of water chemistry could be the cause. You should be changing about 10 to 25% of the water each week or even more often.
• Philippines
7 Nov 08
Thanks. It's less than a foot long. Fish pellets are its usual diet and it doesn't eat that when the aquarium gets cleaned. Maybe I'll try your suggestion and change less water since I'm draining it to about 1/4 its original volume.