I just got diagnosed with bipolar- anyone have any tips for me on how to deal

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November 6, 2008 10:48pm CST
I have been dealing with these symptoms for 15 years but never knew I was bipolar. Always knew about the depression, PTSD and other stuff but never the bipolar disorder. On meds now that are starting to work a little bit. My poor husband has been through the wringer and back and he hasn't done any research, he seems to think that I should just wake up and decide to be better and that should be it, but it isn't the case at all. Anyway, can anyone help me out. I also have these outrageous OCD desires with lots of things- shopping, smoking, drinking some times, always just something. Help from somewhere!!!!
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@genihanna (358)
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7 Nov 08
You're definitely not alone, Amandalyn! It used to be that having a mental illness carried an ugly stigma with it. But nowadays, with times so hard for all of us, it's a wonder more people don't develop mental issues. I've suffered with depression since the early 80s. I was the moodiest person in the world - at least, that's what I called it. Turns out it was bipolar disorder. I have taken so many different meds over the years, but none really did the trick until I started on Zoloft. The thing about our illness, though, is that even though you will start feeling better because of the meds, don't stop taking them. You have a chemical imbalance that they are controlling. You cannot wake up one day and decide not to be sick anymore - you cannot just tell yourself to shape up and stop being that way - it doesn't work that way - it is a real illness. Something happened to cause the imbalance and kinda like when someone gets hit on the head and develops amnesia - you can't just hit them on the head and expect them to pop back to normal, right? Same principle - tell your hubby to give you a break - he's actually making it worse for you by putting such pressure on you!