Do you like play online games?

play games - do you like play online games?
November 7, 2008 1:27am CST
Hi,friends.Do you like play online games? Which is your favorite? I like playing CS very much. When i was young,i used to play viedo games.It's like you put money in a machine and then play it. However, with the development of technology, the demand of online games is growing quickly.It's more and more popular and attractive many young people.Such games can be a diversion frome the pressure of school,work and life.But too mucn and too often,they can lead many problems and unhealthy addiction.So i think it's good to play games properly. What about you,my lotters.Which is your favorite game? Do you play it just as a diversion or have you had a obsession with it?
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• China
2 Apr 11
I never paly online games!
• China
10 Nov 08
i don't play game online.but sometimes,i play viedo games
@HeZP_CHN (168)
• China
8 Nov 08
OH,i don't play online games and i will never a waste of time and money
@enola1692 (3325)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I ike the arcade type games like tetris but the game i like the most is mah jong i am addicted to that one
• China
7 Nov 08
lmao,recently i just have found myself easily becoming a game addict .in addition regularly i begin with qq game and qqchat the moment the laptop startup ,regardless of work time and spare time ,i spent great deal of time playing and chatting .oh,that may be terrible obsession .
@Shounak_s (236)
• India
7 Nov 08
why did u posted it into health and fitness u could have sended it into games