which kind of music do you love better?

@summerli (110)
November 7, 2008 1:30am CST
i prefer coutry music to others,not only does it bring me to some artistic conception but also when it flies around my mind,as if my heart be washed,i love that feeling. and you ?
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@huloo000 (21)
• China
27 Nov 08
Rock and roll is my favorite.Do you know a rock band named Metallica which is the best one at present(in my opinion). Every crew in the band has a gift of playing music especially the drummer .I really love the band. by the way recenty there is a new style of music called indie , it seems interesting.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
26 Nov 08
This is a good discussion because music is very important in peoples lives because it can add color and meaning to places that are otherwise dull,boring and meaningless which is always good if you ask me and if you are in a good mood,it can put you in an even better mood,and maybe even make you want to get up and dance no matter where you are or who is watching,especially if you dance like no one else is watching or like you do not care if anyone else is watching,and if you are in a sad mood,or in a bad mood,it can make things look better and make you feel better because no one likes to be sad,and music always seems to have a way of making things better,it is also a good way to relax when you are stressed or down in the dumps,it can make things look better because it can make you forget about your worries or whatever is frustrating you since everyone has worries and things that frustrate them,and it can take you back to a place and time,or to a certain memory,that either makes you laugh or makes you cry depending on what the memory is,since some memories are better than others,and I am sure there are a lot of people out there who have a favorite type of music that they listen to more than any other type of music,either because of the artists or because of the songs,and then I am sure there are people who might not have a favorite type of music,and they will listen to about anything that comes on,either because they either do not listen to music because they are not a big fan of music or because they do not have much time to listen to music,because they spend their time trying to do other things that need to be done such as working or chores around the house,and I can understand the point of view of both types of people,and that is cool that you grew up listening to rock,rap,and country and that those are still the ones you listen to today,and that you like the beat that they have and that that make you want to get up and go,me and my fiance love music,and we know it is very important,and whenever we go out somewhere we always have the radio on,and it is always on one of our four local country stations,even though sometimes we have to flip through all four just to find something on,since there are so many commercials on the radio nowadays and then there are morning shows,but I used to listen to one because it was really funny especially when I was on my way to school,and me and my fiance like country because the music is really wholesome,and it is music we can relate to and most of the songs actually make some sense,instead of just being a lot of noise and screaming like in other genres of music,and the only country songs we do not like are songs about cheating on your partner,breaking up with their partner or getting drunk and doing stupid things,because those songs are just wrong and they have no place on the radio,because no one wants to think about those things happening to them,and they do not want to hear about it happening,and I refuse to listen those types of songs,and I especially love country songs by Garth Brooks because he is my favorite country artist,and he has so many great songs out there today,and he is one of the top selling country artists because of all the albums he has sold,or at least that is what I have heard and I believe it,and on the CMA's last year he won the Crystal Milestone Award which he deserved and no one else deserved it more than he did,and I loved watching him receive it,and he took a chance and went with Wal Mart as his sponsor even though everyone said he would fell but he succeeded which is a great thing,I have seen him in concert once and I would love to see him again because he is a great person,and I look up to him,and me and my fiance have almost all of his Cd's and we have more of his Cd's than any other artist.
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
always a happy song....
@Mirsya (521)
• Indonesia
7 Nov 08
I love rock! Because there's nothing compared to rock. It's not that I don't like country, but I think rock is better. We both have ears but we don't have the same favorite thing to listen, right?