What IdealBux says in their forum.

November 7, 2008 4:32am CST
Idealbux says this in theri forum:- "Dear Members, I know that most of you is angry because of the cancelled payments. We paid $3859 up to time being. Most of the money went to Standard Members. We have more than 33000 members and only 100 of them are Premium. (Most of this members are not lifetime. They are monthly Premiums) We earned $2000 from Premium and Referrals selling. We earned $500 from other sites that you signed up and clicked ads as our referrals. $3859-$2500 = $1359 ---- This is the net amount that we pay from our own money. We are not a bank. If I want to, I would close Idealbux and Scam all of you. But I did not and I will not... Most of the members only clicking, getting money and then again clicking and requesting money. They never pay anything for buying referrals or Premium Membership. Think about this. If every member spend $1 at Idealbux, because we have 33000 members, we will have $33000, so that all of you get paid. But nothing comes from you. You only click and request money. If you want to leave Idealbux, LEAVE IT NOW. We will continue to earn and pay money with the remaining members who trust us. We don't need the complaining members who are writing everywhere that Idealbux Scam. These members: First look at yourself, you never spend a fu*king penny in Idealbux. The real scammers are these members. Idealbux Admin..." Imagine the audacity. They blame the non premium members for their financial woes. Why have non premium members then? Make is a Premium only website. They are poor financial managers and bad losers.
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