Do you believe there is life on other planets?

United States
November 7, 2008 7:17am CST
I believe there is life on other planets; although I don't have proof. Logically speaking there are so many species on the earth which are unknown to even the scientists. On land and sea scientist are still discovering new species. I feel when God spoke creation into existence; he also created life on other planets. This is just my opinion; but I feel even the government has had some type of contact. Wouldn't it be great to meet a species from another planet?
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@sankata (236)
• Estonia
7 Nov 08
I think there may be.. But when there is.. then not in our system.. Because it's too cold there to have some life on it. In other star system it may be.. but these are tooooo far away to ever get to know them..
@bibi1224 (37)
• United States
7 Nov 08
I believe there is life in another planet there is so many stuff out there. I wish one day to see something strange but hopping that I'm not alone I think I'll freak out or something like that. But anywayz If i see something I'll keep intouch about it.
@arialgrs (130)
• Greece
7 Nov 08
I think is very impossible to be alone in the universe. I believe that others life species have already come but the government kept this secret from the public. But even we encounter them ,who will guarantee us that they came with peaceful dispositions?
@wujinbo (341)
• China
7 Nov 08
this is our will drive me crazy....the internet has become my desease of is a habit to be online for me when i am waking up .without the computer,and i dont know what to do,or how to live my isthe computer makes everyone get used to it.
• India
7 Nov 08
i believe there is life out there my friend. there might be people in another planet in someother galaxy thinking the same thing. Dont you wonder sometimes?.