My Bizarre Dream Last Night

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November 7, 2008 8:26am CST
Ok-I have been having the strangest nightmares as of late. All this week I will have one bad dream and one good dream per night. So, last night I think was a combination. I am not sure if it was an all out nightmare, but it was surely disturbing. I consider myself a very vivid dreamer. I remember my dreams in detail,regardless, of knowing the meaning to them. So, my last dream last night was about David Bowie. I have dreamt about Johnny Depp twice. In those dreams I knew him and I was on the red carpet in one of them and casually said something like,"Hey,what's up." The dream about Bowie was strange. But then, how could one dream of Bowie without it being a tad bit surreal and slightly outlandish, if not definitely theatrical. Just writing about this dream is difficult. I can visualize it in my mind, so vivid. Steve Martin said:"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." That is so true. So where does he fall about writing about a musical dream? OK. David Bowie in a top hat..a white top hat..he's all in white..he looks rather haggard and pale..almost like a ghost..he is..singing jazz and doing a number with a cane center stage. He does the jazz hands thing..his eyes are full of expression and his face is animated with the music,regardless of his palor. The song was good;kind of like a 40's jazz routine. He had clown like black eyeliner around his lids,but other than that;he was like a ghost and he seemed to have no hair,unless it was in a bald cap. He was a clown ghost.
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@empracht (45)
• United States
7 Nov 08
Wow. Bizarre dreams are the best. It's like suddenly you have this whole other connection with the person, completely unique to anyone else's. It's a cool feeling. Now I'm hoping Bowie will come out with some sort of 40s jazz album. Maybe your dream is actually a forecast for the next musical direction in his career. And that Steve Martin quote is fantastic. Never heard it before but it's awesome.
@liquorice (3901)
7 Nov 08
Yes, you're right, that was quite a strange dream! I can't imagine David Bowie doing jazz hands, lol! It's funny that you remember his expressions so vividly, and the concept of a clown ghost; how scary and disturbing! You've described it well, despite dreams being so hard to explain. That's a good quote from Steve Martin! I know just what you mean, it's like you're in another dimension when you're dreaming, and translating it all (the feelings, the colours, emotions and how one thing kind of merges with another..) into words is very difficult. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the bizarre dreams!