Do you know anyone who takes pain killers on a daily basis?

United States
November 7, 2008 3:26pm CST
How badly do the really need them?And how severe is the pain.Is it something a mild pain killer like a low dose vicodin can't help?I do believe vicodin is dangerous too,however i think it's better than Oxycontin,morphine,demerol,etc.There is what i would rate as a 99% chance of addiction with all these medications.The withdraw is extremely violent!Believe me it is far more painful then the pain they are already experiencing.And many times it leads to other drugs because theirs it too much to afford or whatever.Then when they don't want to take it anymore,they find they are too dependant and end up an a even more dangerous drug...Methadone.It's all a vicious cycle if you ask me,i know for a fact and thank god every day that i live now that i am no longer involved with that cycle.And it was one of the hardest things i have ever conquered.