Can Global Warming be really stopped?

@dhatam7 (258)
November 8, 2008 5:05am CST
Now that global warming has really became a big issue, do you think that global warming can really be stopped. Do you think that each & every indivudual on this Earth should take personal responsibility to stop global warming on the Earth, so that our successors could survive???
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• Philippines
8 Nov 08
I still haven't read any article or study that global warming can really be stopped but I'm still hoping that global warming can be stopped somehow. And I do believe that it is everyones respponsiblity to take action to be good to mother earth so that we will no longer encounter any problem with global warming. Let's all think the future of the younger generation.
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• United States
8 Dec 08
dhedows118, Of course global warming can't be stopped, it's a naturally occuring phenomenon! The argument is that humans are accelerating the process and we should slow it down a bit. Someone actually made a movie about this a while ago called An Inconvenient Truth. The website for this movie is if you're interested. Happy MyLotting!
@Albee22 (41)
• Malaysia
11 Dec 08
I think it really hard to stop the global warming.Yes.Everyone of us in this world should take persona; responsibility to stop it became more serious.