OBAMA: is change really in store for the USA?

November 8, 2008 5:07am CST
the US presidential elections is now a thing of the past... obama made history as the first black american president... now we are all faced with this question: Is CHANGE really in store for the USA? if yes, will it be a change for the better or for worse?
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• India
8 Nov 08
Every time, when we used to vote for the elections, we may think that, the person to whom we put our vote will give the good things for us and also to our society. If it has been done, we all become happy, and also think about voting the same again in the subsequent elections for the same party, if he fails to attend your problem, and also if he failed to attend our society improvements, we will really think that whether we need to elect them again.. why don't we look for the change.. at this point of time, the opposite party will catch the rulling the country.. and they will try to put some of the good proposals.. for which they have given the assurance during the election timings. later, he may failed to attain the problem which has been raised during his rulling times, the problems which has been raised accidently, which is unfore seen problems.. in the subsequent election we may think about to electing the same party again.. This is the regular practice of the people in any country.. But in this elction, in US, the people are especting more from the new president Mr.Obama.. not only the people of US but also the entire world, most of the countries are espect his some of the decisions to control lots of problems. Because due to the problem of US the Stock market of the entire world will get affected, the indian stock market slashed by 60% in the past 6 to 8 months period, this is only due to the problems raised by US. Even though the Indian companies, performances are very much satisfactory, their balance sheets figures are fair and good when comparred to the previous year figures.. but share prices has fallen more than 60% and even more in some of the companies.. So, the people are watching the next steps of Mr. Obama.. Have a good day.
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
one thing's for sure, the world has a high expectation of obama...:)