"Liquo*r!!! " What is there in it???

November 8, 2008 7:30am CST
I Found that there are lots of people are adicted to drink the Liquo*r.. Actually what is there in the Liquo*r?? as special. Why the people are very much adicted to the same..?? Everyone knows that the "Alchohalic Drinks" will spoil your health.. By knowing the fact, why the people are still drinking the same as volentorily.. What ever the rules has been governed by the government, the usages of alcoholic will not get it reduced in our country.. "Cigerate smoking is injurious to health.." "Drinking will kill your family, the drinking habit will lose your Health.." ("Kudi Kudiyaikkedukkum, Kudip pazhakkam Udal Nalaththai Kedukkum") Even though if the governement will tell the above, those things has been printed in the liquir bottle, and also in the Cigeratte pockets.. What is your opinion about this topic.. and the discussions.. Post the same under this discussions please.. Have a good day.
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