Did you have goose bumps or nearly cried when You heard PAUL POTTS SANG? o.0

@MaeTsuen (257)
November 8, 2008 7:50am CST
I was watching tv, then they advertise Paul Potts because he was gonna have a concert in our country. Before the concert details the advertisement made a good introduction of him how he started and what was his old job. He joined Britain's Got talent because he felt he can share the talent that he has. As soon he was on stage infront of the three judges including Simon Cowell... i saw the judges raised their eyebrows when he told them he was going to sing an Opera. But strange as soon as he started singing I felt the song even it was in Italian, i nearly cried definitely had goosebumps. Some of the audiences cried too even the female judge did. I thought it was just me but the camera showed several people cried too from the audience. After the short performance he got a standing ovation. I never liked Opera because of the thought of being boring. But now i know why a lot of people adores Opera singers and watch Opera. Whenever he sings it still give me goosebumps.
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