Everyone seems so skeptical

@teresat (156)
United States
November 8, 2008 8:29am CST
I've noticed that a lot of folks seems so skeptical about why folks are here. Folks will try to come up with the most creative title to get others to read their posts and a few will downright ask for support. Based on what I've seen, there's a good chance this post will be left unanswered. But I am really curious. Isn't that's why were are here? To get responses and build relationships. Some folks want all the fanfare but will not give any to their fellow myLotters. What gives?
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@shooie (4986)
• United States
8 Nov 08
Lots and Lots of Information - Mylot is a good place to get a lot of information
I tink after you been here awhile you will see....lol there are those if you read their discussions that they are one minute married the next not. or one minute sick the next not. In other words make stuff up just to get post. That is fine if that is what they think they have to do. For the most part mylot is a great place to meet people and get information to help you along the eay. Like I am geting into cake decorating and some gave me some tastey frosting recipes and tips. You can make some good friends as well. As for fanfare well there are soe that have a butt load of friends that will post even if it doesn't make sense to their discussions just so that they make payout. Sometimes it gets to be real funny reading a discussion and poof this answer comes up and well has nothing to do with the topic. but I will say there can and are some awesome discussions here in mylot to get involved in. Before he election there were several and very interesting. Good luck and welcome to mylot.