The Key to Being Successful is the Law of Attraction

@syfarisk (378)
November 8, 2008 10:39am CST
There's a pattern in human behavior that what you think about most and feel most, they tend to become true, and you tend to become whatever it is that you think about most. And yes, there are so many cases that this happens, and yes, it is true. Some people do not believe it because they want scientific proof. Quantum physicists have done some research on this and there's this concept of thoughts having a place in the universe. Whatever we think will generate some form of energy which will attract people, things, events, circumstances and other things which are in parallel with whatever we are thinking about. When we think of doing something, our body physiology will change to fit that. Just ask any successful person, they will agree with the fact that the reason why they are where they are now, is because they kept thinking, feeling, believing that they will eventually get there. On the other hand, people who face so many problems, they tend to be people who keep thinking about problems, who keep telling others about how unlucky they are, or about how people should have sympathy for them, or about how people are mean to them, and so on. Successful people have their obstacles also, they also face bad times in their journey to success, but the reason why they are successful is because their focused on consistently thinking about achieving that success, and not the problems. And based on those thoughts, they kept taking actions, and live their daily lives based on trying to fulfill that desire or thought. What do you think? Do leave your comments here.
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