I Am So Dead, So Full

November 8, 2008 10:49am CST
You told me so And I feel so dead, so full and so usurped By the terrible sense of yearning In angst of fatigued darkness you just see Once again I have come alive deep within my breath Once again I want to be filling the void of nothingness Like your karma stalking you in reassuring faiths As you see me prophesying along the stranded throughfare The truths that you once rarely sacrificed to share As you pontificated your faiths Stopping once again nearing at the resting place To ensnare me in the surrounding fullness My karma, my jubilation gets past the wandering sorrows In sequences of deep darkness in nearby stillness And I stop to suddenly think once again That I am so dead, so full of your pontificated faiths Even when you are lost in a semblance of nothingness.
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