How wud u describe a open minded person?

November 8, 2008 10:53am CST
I find it really hard to find many open mined persons most people pretend of being open minded but as soon as they encounter a idea tat challenges their school of thought they become averse to all reasons.I think a open minded person is one who takes interest in new ideas wat do u think?
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@greyy21 (181)
• Ireland
8 Nov 08
I think it would be someone that can accept most, if not all, of peoples views. A lot of the charactaristics of that person would be based on Change... If for example there was a disagreement they would either not choose sides over the other or be convinced easily and change their views often. I think i just confused myself.. x.x
• India
9 Nov 08
i think wat u want to say is tat one should consider every situation and not jump into hasty conclusions.......:)
@briggah (171)
• United States
18 Nov 08
The way I've always thought of open minded was someone willing to try new things and ideas. Also someone who you could talk to and they would listen and not judge that person on what they are saying. Like pretty much if you had some idea that you wanted to try and most people thought it was stupid or crazy. Well that open minded person wouldn't think that and they would actually talk to you about and offer help if needed. Maybe they would make suggestions or advice on what you could try next or even offer to try it out with you..