Mercy Killing for Dogs

United States
November 8, 2008 11:12am CST
yesterday, a student (kindergarten) of mine handed me a note that came from his mom . The letter says that she'll pick the boy up earlier because they want him to spend more time with their dog. The dog apparently has been sick for a while. She said the dog is already old (7 years old) which I think is not too old for a dog , and have been growling the whole night. The little boy was so sad, he handed me a picture his mom took the night before with the dog . In the picture, the boy was crying. I just felt so sad about that and gave him a hug and told him that life is like that. And we really have to accept that. On the note, it also says , that if the child still feels upset or is not really feeling well, I would give her a call and pick him up earlier thn scheduled. But I decided that the child stays, because he would feel much better and maybe forget what is happening when he is with the other kids whick I think he did. He actually participated in all the activities. Though , one can really see that something is wrong with him. My assistant actually told me, the boy looks so sad. So I handed her the mom's note and so she also gave him a hug. The sad part is, the parents do not want the kids to suffer longer and the dog as well. they had to take him to the vet and I guess gave him a shot that would let him die and wouldnt suffer anymore. What do you think of this guys? If you were the parent, will you let the dog die naturally and let him at least be with the family for some more time even if he is in pain or you will do the same?