What do men get ?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 8, 2008 11:16am CST
I think society is pro -woman when it comes to celebrations.Women get mother's day,valentines and a number of anniversaries.Men on the other hand only get farthers day and that is barely celebrated .All the celebrations for women are heavily publicised events often associated with much glamour ,glitter and fanfare.About a month before mother's day you see the gifts in the stores and media campaigns,every other advertisement on television is a about mothers.Many gifts are seen on the market and numerous vendors capitalise on that .They are even entertainment events for mothers and every other croner is singing about mothers.The same thing happens with valentines day. On the flip side though, is farthers day ,a poorly celebrated event.There is very little media coverage ,little or no gift buying ,few events and if their happens to be any media coverage it probably starts a couple days before.The events generate little or no excitement and if I was a farther I wouldnt want to be taken to any of the events or given any of the custom made presents. It is especially painfull too when you look at the fact that most of these presents will be bought by men- either men who buy them for their wifes or sons who but them for their mothers ,or who provide the money for the children to buy them for mommy.Similarly most of the advertisement are written ,produced and sponsored by men.Most of the songs crafted around this time will be sung by men.Isnt this a major blow for the BIGGEST FAN OF WOMEN ?
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