do you love your brother

@adeeb747 (100)
November 8, 2008 11:33am CST
Me and my brother having sometime not getting along with each other some time i feel he dos not like me sometime he act like it, if i ask him for help he will not do it ? in other hand if he ask me anything I will do it for him so is me or him that dos not like the other
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@shooie (4986)
• United States
8 Nov 08
Brothers and Sisters - Take them for whom they are or are not.
It's really not that he doesn't like or love you it is because he is out for himself at the moment and well depends on what you are asking for help with maybe he can't. I know I love my brother because he is my brother but I also know I wouldn't stick my neck out for him. Has nothing to do for not liking or loving him. He has never been there for me or anyone fr that matter. He has proved he isn't trust worth from time to time but I love him anyways. Maybe it is time for you to start saying sorry no can't help you this time. Son't become a dormat or a way out of his probs for him make him stand on his own two feet. But then again there are family members I do help and expect nothing in return. Have I asked help from the family in the past? yes I have if they are able to elp me with whatever I am needing help with then yes they help. If not I understand. But everyone has one of those in the family that wants help all the time but isn't there for anyone. Hold your head up take it for what it is or is not.