Are you Close to your Mom?daD?Both?

@zhaychel (610)
United Arab Emirates
November 8, 2008 12:57pm CST
Luckily I've been closed to both my parents. I've spend equal time with them and every moments I had with them are very memorable. I have very good relationship with my parents because I can tell them my problems. I can ask favor to my dad or mom because both of them directly attend to my need. But there are people who we call as Daddy's Girl or Mama's Boy, they are close either to their mother or father who they think gives them more love. How about You? who's the closest to you? ^^,
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@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
I am like you, I do not have to choose between who between my father and my mother. I love them both in so many ways. There was a phase where me and my mother would argue a lot, but, it was just a phase. I outgrew the phase, and now, I am the one who defends my parents from relatives who take advantage of them.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
10 Nov 08
I should say i'm alot closer to my mom, because she's always staying at home, and that i have spent more time with her.. AS for my dad, i dun see him that often, but we do talk occasionally and drink together at home.. lol =D But still, i do not tell them about my things and my problems, as i dun wanna them to nag at me, and so i will rather pretend to be happy and nothing has happened when i'm home ^_^ hehe
@jmp_72 (246)
• Seychelles
8 Nov 08
when i was little i was closer to my dad, wouldn't go anywhere if daddy wasn't But when i reached my teenage and early adulthood i became closer to my mum. Was easier to share girls stuff with mum. Then i later i found myself giving them equal attention, even if mum got to get more when she became sick. Now mum is gone and i only have dad who now gets 100% attention
@mhagskier (323)
• Philippines
8 Nov 08
i am closer to my mom because my dad is with his another woman since i was in high school
@fasttalker (2798)
• United States
8 Nov 08
I love both of parents. I am one of those that have the label of "Daddy's Little Girl" I am very close to my mother. We are best friends. But if trouble comes and I really need something well....I guess I am "Daddy's Little Girl!" LOL I am blessed to still have them both because they are getting up in age and I would nver choose between the two of them! Have a great day!