Do you open your refrigerator to "think"?

November 8, 2008 3:51pm CST
hello all, I want to know if you open you refrigerator to "think". And what do you think when this happen. I have a lot of friends that do that too. It's a strange act, but everybody I know do that. What about you? Let me know if you also do this.
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• India
8 Nov 08
Hi friend, Welcome to mylot site first.Hey i open my refrigerator to get the fruits and vegetables for food thats all.I generally don't think too much.If i think i would rather walk for a while.I always listen to songs so there is no question of thinking a lot.If it is a serious issues which i should take decision than i start to think.Beside this i keep myself in happy mood. Have a nice day Life is short friend don't think too much on unnecessary things and spoil the whole day
• Australia
8 Nov 08
Yes! I seem to do this all the time. Perhaps opening the fridge and seeing what is inside will prompt our brain into recognising what our stomach feels like. Never the less, mum or dad will always tell us off for leaving the fridg open. I do exactly the same thing with the pantry too.