it took 2 nights..

@jstmarfz (1499)
United States
November 9, 2008 12:15am CST
My husband and I had the longest ignoring each other we ever had. It was 2 nights. I felt very miserable. With that 2 nights, we slept in different bedroom. We see each other but we never talked. We usually solve the problem before going to bed. But this time it took 2 nights before we reconcile. Just this morning, he talked to me first. It made me cry, but he gave me a big hugs and kisses and we both say sorry to each other. We are fine and back to normal now. Anyways, I want to ask what was the longest time you and your partner ignoring or arguments? How did you cope with that?
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@cheenlly (3483)
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
Good for both of you. I am glad to know after reading all your post. I thought the problem was not yet solve. I know how it felt like that and i believe that when a couple had short comings or problem it should be talk and solve that day so there will be no burden in heart at night. Both can sleep well. Best wishes for both of you. God Bless!
• China
9 Nov 08
hi that is good to you,fainlly you and your husband back to normal. I have not get married yet,but i have boyfriend.i still remember we didnt talk to each other for 11 days.that is a long time right? i was sad.i try to give him up.because i think he does not care about me. we got to know eacher more than 3 years.both of us to get to know each other every well.he suriprised me.that he said I am an expensive girl friend.he couldn't afford it. he asked"How can you spent 2000pounds in 2months?" because of that case,he stop to talk to me in 11days. the 12th day he calls me back and ask questions. I dont even try to explian to him what's going on.i angry with him. he asked me to make a list how those 2k pounds gone. oh that is a long story anyway.we love each other.we do not give up each other,though take care