working student

November 9, 2008 9:33am CST
i'm not a working student, hehe. i was so inspired by those students whose working to continue their studying, even sometimes they were bullied and laughed by many, they still continue to work, and ignore annoying people
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@kaka135 (14115)
• Malaysia
4 Dec 08
I don't understand why they were bullied and laughed? It's not easy to work and study at the same time, also I think they are really great, as they can manage their time to do both things at the same time, also they are willing to learn. When I was in college, there were many working adults taking the course too. Some already are bosses, but they just want to learn more about the computers & IT. Some students where the family cannot really support their school fees, so they have to work and study at the same time. I think I really admire them, and never think there are people laughing at them.
@pryce_mbg (716)
• Philippines
9 Nov 08
yes, i do agreew tih you! i have a number of friends and classmates who really strive to work just for them to finish their studies. they are being very independent. somehow, i like to follow them- working myself to earn and pay my tuition fees. but sad to say, i cant find even a single job. lol..i salute the working students! aja!