Is honesty always the best policy?

@ronnyb (6119)
November 9, 2008 10:39am CST
If your answer to that question is yes,then tell me what would you tell your spouse if she asked you which of her friends would you like to be with if you could .To put an interesting spin on this situation,there is actually a very pretty friend of hers that you had secretly been admiring and you knew that she was insecure and jealous of . Would you tell her the truth and risk ruining your realtionship with her or would you lie and say that none of her friends? .Or would you choose the ugliest of her friends and give her a false sense of security in knowing that this friend would never be a threat?. Another interesting spin on this situation would be if the question was asked by a male spouse.What if your spouse answered honestly and chose one of your fiends - could you handle it especially if it was someone you were insecure about? Can females handle the honest answer nore than males? JUST CURIOUS - WHAT DO YOU SAY?
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@OUT2WIN (669)
• United States
9 Nov 08
If my wife asked me that I'd be honest with her about it because that's who I am. If she had a friend who was interested in me and we/she/I knew about it, even if I thought she was her hottest friend, I would with hold that because its bogus to voice your opinion when it is that "real". Your right, that kind of thing will ruin a relationship. In that case, she would get a,"baby, your all the booty I need." ...("fart")..."Wasn't me, must have been the dog" is always ok though.