I m so unhappy

@rezax123 (395)
November 9, 2008 6:10pm CST
i only saw the first and the last part of these movies.But cant c the second part.i dont know why there was always a prob when it was airing in any channel. Anyone know where i can find the second part.but the main dumb thing is jack here had a real girl friend in this movie.dont u think this make these movie so odd?? atleast at the 3rd part he should get a girl friend. What is ur view? dont forget to tell bout that
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@hildas (3031)
10 Nov 08
They second movie was probably the worst one of them so far. I really do not know where you can get to see this though. If I come across an idea, I will let you know. I am looking forward to the new one next year. I love Jonny depp. He is a top actor. He is so funny and the movies would be awful without him in them. I love all the humor too in these movies. They story line is excellent too. I will get back to you about the second one, hopefully.
@rezax123 (395)
• Norway
10 Nov 08
U r damn right Buddy. and i like his style of talk in the movie.its so funny.dont u think so? it seems that he left all his energy on his talk.he make a simple word so funny by his talking style
@briggah (171)
• United States
11 Nov 08
As for me, I liked them all. The first was my favorite and I must of watched it 100 times. Usually I have it on in the background while doing other things. Second was also pretty good too me. I saw this one in the movies! I was glued to the screen. Third actually took me several times to watch as I kept falling asleep. I still loved it but I don't know what it is with movies now, I tend to fall asleep watching them. I'd suggest renting them if you want to see them. I have purchased them and every now and then I watch them.