Time Travel? Where would you go?

@crandr (70)
United States
November 9, 2008 10:18pm CST
If you could go back in time to revisit any one hour in history, which hour would you choose? Public or private. You could go back and experience any hour in the history of the world from a 3rd person perspective. What time would you like to go back and experience?
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@nilugo (348)
• Singapore
10 Nov 08
Well, I would choose the period when I was small and was with my grandmother. She is gone now and I miss that period of my life and would love to be there again.
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@SeishiroX (1076)
• Philippines
10 Nov 08
If time travel was possible, I'd go back a year in time to December 25, 2007. There is something special that day that I wish to relive again and again, however, I cannot describe it here in detail. Sorry, guys...
• United States
10 Nov 08
i would revisit the hour that it took you to type this. It took you that long because you are inane. Also, during that hour, i would kick you while you were writing this discussion, Thus preventing you from writing it at all. Maybe bring you a sandwich or two Sincerely: Sabian1415
• Australia
10 Nov 08
I'd probably love to go to the past and see myself when I was born for like 3 minutes.
• Indonesia
10 Nov 08
i want to go back to my baby... i want stay home, sleep , playing something feels like a nice world. but i cant do that, cause if i did i will get what i have now... :X