Thinking for a moment

November 10, 2008 1:52am CST
Every morning you get up ,you have the breakfast,you drive to work,you work,you have lunch,work in the afternoon,go back to have supper,watch TV in the evening. But,do you have time to think for a moment? Sometimes I'm reluctant to do things like the above daily things.It seems that I'm driven to do things.I am not waiting for things to handle,on the contrary, things are waiting for me. So, I am trying another method. When I take on the bus to work, I don't complain about the traffic jam and crowd as before. I plan for a whole day. For example, the schedule for work,the surfing on line things.I may think about the new discussion I will start in "mylot".I feel it's better to think positively. Make full use of the time "in the corner",when you wait for a bus, when you relax,when you walk.These small times are really helpful to change your state of mind. So don't think thoses pieces of times are useless. What's your idea about it :)
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