don't trust human

November 10, 2008 9:20am CST
you can trust on every thing but not human. if some one say you, that man/woman's behavior is okay now, never trust that but if anyone say a huge mount n is upside down than trust it.
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• Indonesia
11 Nov 08
well.. ithink there some people you cannot trust, but also there some people that you can trust.. u just has to find ....
• Norway
11 Nov 08
it is true there is some but some means 1 out of trillion. they are not some they are exceptional ,an exceptional is not a example. to trust a human we have to change our self.
@sktekweb (277)
• India
14 Nov 08
Don't trust human so much to tell out and share everything.But never stop trusting human beings.What you told out today to your friend may be your weakness that your friend will not leak out until your relationship is tarnished.But we have to trust human beings orelse how can we lead our life.Yes- it is better to say never kick someone in the back and at the same time never be so silly to show your back to be easily kicked away.If you are alert nobody can kick you easily and many humans are still good today and they are so spiritual that they never kick any oneone in their life.We are the problem- why throw the cause on others.
@iamnirod (83)
• Bangladesh
11 Nov 08
how could you think that? provide love before you expect love. gone mad? in this earth everything is related to each other. if you show someone that affection which melts heart it will teach him and you should be a perfect teacher to get utmost result. how didi u think of getting profit in business without investing? nothing from u? everythinh from others? how much you keep other people's heart up and doing?