Are these medicines okay to take during pregnancy?

November 10, 2008 12:30pm CST
My wife is pregnant and its first month,met doctor and the doctor prescribed following medicines; doxinate - 15 tablets, MCBM - 69 - 15 tablets, Susten 200mg - 30 tablets all for 15 days.. I just browsed for each of the tablets on internet and found some contradictions with the use of tablets at this point of time(Iam not into medicine and i have no knowledge about medicine, just browsed sites on all these tablets and got on conclusion based on majority of reviews on these tablets) 1) doxinate - i read on net is for the relief of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and should be administered during pregnancy only if strictly required but my wife till now didnt feel nausea or vomit and even told the doctor the same, then y did the doctor write these tablets to her when she is not vomiting? 2)Susten 200mg - progesterone (such as Susten) is not approved for use during pregnancy in any advanced country such as US, UK et. In UK it is used for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in non-pregnant women and the problem with this medicine is that female baby may suffer from hirsutism (unwanted hair on face, chest etc). so wondering why the doctor could prescribe this when the baby may get unwanted hair and illegal to use? 3) MCBM 60 - didnt find any thing bad regarding this but any how would like to know from you all if all these 3 medicines are safe to take now at the 1/2 month pregnancy? Please help by replying as we are tooo much worried as we cant question the doctor why they prescribed such medicines when on internet some different story is seen regarding these medicines mainly 1 and 2 medicines thanks a ton.
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