The problem with most of the youth in the Philippines regarding art,

@anaphy (113)
November 10, 2008 11:28pm CST
Last night, I logged in to my ragnarok account and I saw my in-game friend. He suddenly mentioned that he belongs to a company that makes illustrations and comics. And he added that they are going to launch their free comic on the upcoming Komikon 2008. Later on, he asked me too take a nice look on their intro page, so I did. Well, I hated to break it to him that their style was no different from what we commonly see--Japanese Manga style. He said, that he didn't care at all with the style as long as they could encourage the Filipino youth to engage in expressing their thoughts and ideas through comics. I also justified why they decided to use that common style. "We can't blame you artists, blame the society. Sadly, if you didn't used that "Japanese Anime" style, then your work won't probably even sell. Sadly, most of the youth are Japanophiles." He agreed on what I've said, he too was disheartened that most of the youth today can't even appreciate our style that most of our good artist have to resort to the Japanophile's Style in order to for their work to sell. (not necessarily monetary gains) "No bug-eyed shiny eyes, no fancy hair, no weird Japanese high school story and uniform, and no japanese name....then I bet the kids wouldn't even consider picking it up..." And I added: "If you're gonna collect all the Japanophiles in the world and cram them all up in Japan, the island would literally sink.." And I remembered back in the smack jeeves forum: Some idiot claimed that we Filipinos are no good at art and are all copy-cats. That idiotic guy claimed that we copied the Japanese style and even so, our output sucks. BTW, that guy was an American. I would like to remind this guy that the Japanese Anime that most people worship got their style from Disney. And he has no right to talk like that because believe it or not, excluding Marvel and DC...common webcomics that I've seen from US are nothing more than creations Japanophiles too...and don't forget that they also come in masses..^^
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
21 Nov 08
Well, all mentioned not deviating from reality, most youths here in the Philippines would prefer anime over other animations offered to them. Can't blame them though since youth in their school lives most probably would like to also read or watch those with school life themes in them since the transition of growth goes along the story lines. When it comes to comics, they too would prefer the cute characters that they could easily associate with. Expressions on such characters can easily be recognized. Of course, there are a lot of factors why they would prefer that compared to the alternative which I could only associate with western style. Then again, we really don't get to watch much western style animation in japanese or asian theme.. again for example, school life. Marvel or DC comics somehow caters to teenagers up to adults that are young at heart. Not just on style alone but also along the content of their stories. Well, that's just what I could think of.. not necessarily right (^_^")