Study or Competition

November 11, 2008 4:20am CST
Hello ! I m an engineering graduate . I read books just for ma sake to gain knowledge and score some healthy . But usually what I see that students mostly like to compete each other . They don't deem to take interest in learning ...,moreover to compete with others . Do you think its a right approach ?? Would this lead to unnecessary stress ??
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• India
15 Nov 08
well i think competing automatically develops when one's concepts are clear , the one who compete and reach to the top position has thorough understanding of the subjects he gone through , so we cannot predict that one who is reaching on top position doesn't have knowledge.
@GetEdd17 (42)
• Mauritius
11 Nov 08
I'm actually a new student in the engineering field and i can admit that competition is an important part of studies as long as no one is getting hurt around you. Competition is a way of evaluating ourselves with respect to others. Only few still have the curiosity of reaching out for more knowledge.
@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
11 Nov 08
Oh my gosh. I just wrote lots of things. However, all the words that I wrote missed though I didn't even know why. What a pity. I coudn't remember what did I write! Everything is life is a competition . Even if you try to avoid it, afterall, you have to face it anyway. People like to compare with each other. My mom always asked me to look at someone. I once told her that never compared me to anyone! If she could ever listen... Hey, sir or madam, we are on it. You don't even have a choice, do you? If life is so hard already, why do they always compete? I just wondered.. Maybe man is born to be competitive as well ambitious!
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
i think its a right approach in studying.. you see, when students compete to each other, the first think in their mind is to win the competition for some fame or honor. this helps the students to naturally seek for more knowledge in other to achieve what they want..