what are your views of the young lady in florida who has her 3 year old missing?

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
November 11, 2008 8:28am CST
Do you think that killed her child? But why? Maybe she had a mental breakdown of some sought and needs therapy and treatment.Only God knows what really happened to that child.But if the mother was conscious if/when she did her child harm,maybe if she didn't want her daughter anymore she should have placed her for adoption or give her mother.I just pray that they find that little girl.what are your views?
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• United States
11 Nov 08
are you talking about the caylee anthony case? i honestly pray for the child wherever she is and howveer she is. I honestly do not have much of an opinion for the case but its been a long..long time and i dont think a 3 year old can survive on her own for this long...i mean usually im an optimist but for this situation...i just really blame the mother though i should have no right to. and since God knows, she might be safe with him as we speak.