Your best friend in your life?

November 11, 2008 8:56am CST
Friends are very important in any one's life. I have one close friend called srihari. He is my schoolmate and i know him for over 7 years now. Its been a dream now. But we have been very close for the past one year only. We met each other in our company and are really happy about it. We are planning to start our company soon in my native. What more we share all our technical skills too. We both are certified internationally. Share ur thoughts about ur friend.
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@roi452 (232)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
I am 28 years old, and i have met many good friends in the past; from elementary, high school and college. Sad to say but when school ended so did our communication with each other. but i have some friends who stayed most of them are from my college days. Thank GOd for the internet it's much easier to stay connected to each other. I have this one college friend I consider him one of my closest friend, my best buddy - he knows alot about me . Wierd thing is i think he knows me better than i do. Now I'm working i'm i also met a few good friends in the companies that i have been with - i know better now that keeping the communication is important way of keeping friends.
@galileo2008 (1142)
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
I have some close friends whom I've known for almost 7 years. I call her Garlly. She's one of the pretty girls in our school and she loves wearing simple clothes, with only a little make-up because she's somewhat boyish, she even joined the reserve officer training corps in our campus and a member of one of the most popular organiztions in the country. She's everybody's favorite, maybe because of her sense of humor. What I like about her is that she has a very transparent personality. She says what she really thinks, and she also provides some pieces of advice to her friends, but she also respects their decision. She loves to make other people laugh and she's very good at it. She may be a good friend to anyone, but she's also a worst enemy, especially if that person hurts her. If you're her friend, she will defend you and be loyal to your friendship. She's my friend.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I think friends are very important because they help our lives have meaning and they are also around when we need them,even though I am sure that different people have different ideas of a friend and what a friend is,and what a friend does for you,and what you should do for a friend,and I think there is a difference between friends, good friend,and best friends aka true friends,friends are around when they want something and they are good for a few laughs,good friends are the type that will bail you out of jail,and best friends will be in jail sitting beside you going dang that was fun,and I have what used to be a couple good friends,but they are not really good friends because they owe me money,and they only come around when they need something or want something so me and my fiance try to avoid them whenever possible which is better for us anyway,since we do not need those kind of people in our lives,because they are nothing but trouble,and then we have two friends who are becoming good friends because we are trying to hang out with them more and more and get closer,and they have visited our house a couple times,and they only live like five minutes away,so it is not hard to hang out with them,and then I have two best friends one of course is my fiance,who I love with all my heart and soul,she always knows how to make me laugh,and make me smile,and she always knows how to make me feel better when I am sad,upset or in a bad mood,and I enjoy spending every minute with her,and I can not stand to be away from her,and I can not wait until the day we become husband and wife,and I know she can not wait for that day either,and I trust her with everything I have,and more,and then my other best friend is a guy I met in school,and he is like a brother to me,and we have the same birthday except I am three years older than him,and that is part of the reason we became best friends,and he would do anything for me,and I would do anything for him,and we have helped each other out of some big dilemmas,and I trust him completely and know he would never do anything to stab me in the back,and that is how all best friends should be.
@mapi26 (549)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
i have many friends since i started school & until now that i'm working. but i do have one bestfriend i met. we were then in gradeschool, 9 years old at that time. we have been bestfriends now for 16 years. although we have fall apart physically we have never grown apart from our friendship. i must say it's getting stronger that ever. we have many things that we share in common, even crushes back then! lol. although we don't see that much lately we still make sure we have communication.
@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
11 Nov 08
i have several friends, my schoolmates and friends in highschool, i have known them for more than 10 years now and we have had a lot of things in our lives that we share. i am glad you and your friend are doing well. keep your friendship intact and make it grow. do not let anything get in the way of your relationship. ok?