Ever had a cortisone injection?

November 11, 2008 9:15am CST
I'm lookin' for some imput here. I'm getting a cortisone injection into my wrist on Friday to treat a cyst that won't go away, and I'm kinda nervous. I've looked it up on line and nothing has really answered any of my questions. I'm wondering what kinda side effects there are and if it's going to totally immobilize me for longer than a day because I work the next day! Cheers.
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• Canada
28 Nov 08
you probably already got the shot done and know about any side effects. I'm sorry i didn't answer sooner, but i just noticed this discussion. i have bursitis in my left shoulder which is extremely painful. it's kind of like arthritis. nothing was helping the pain at all so the doctor tried a cortisone shot. it didn't help the pain at all either. i didn't have any added side effects with it and it didn't add any extra pain at all. i hope your wrist feels better
• United States
11 Nov 08
yes i have. a few years ago u had heel spurs that wouldn't go away and they had to put the needle directly in through my heel and into the bone. it got rid of them but it was very painful and back then they wouldn't put you to sleep. i don't know of they do now or not. but i was off my feet for a week afterwards and then i had to use crutches for a week to get back used to walking again.however i do here it is less painful now and recovery time is sooner but i don't know how long.best wishes and for a speedy recovery.