Do You Feel Jealous ?

@rainmark (4306)
November 11, 2008 9:34am CST
Today i am cleaning in our bedroom and i saw the tin boxes which contains photos. I saw the photos of some girls and i asked my hubby who are they and they said his ex's lolz. I feel jealous, I don't know why i need to get jealous, maybe because he keep those photos and maybe that means he still thinking of her lolz. I know i have ex too but i never keep his photo,i destroy it after we broke up. But he, he keep those photo of his ex's. lolz. hahaha i am so paranoid thinking of those things but who knows lolz. How about you, do you jealouse because of someone or something? Thanks for sharing. Happy myloting.
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• India
5 Jul 09
Hi friend, I am very happy that i am the first love of my partner. But, she is no the first one she is my third one. I also had that same practice, I was also keeping my ex-girls photos in my computer and one day she saw them and deleted them in front of me. I think she felt jealous of those photos. Talking about my self, I never feel jealous of any thing... Thanks....
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
1 Dec 08
Hmm I don't see anything wrong with keep old photos of his ex girlfriends. Even if he had to remove the photos, the memories of things he has had with them you cannot take them away from him. So I don't think you have a valid reason to be jealous
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
12 Nov 08
it's very normal to feel jealous, because it's still a relationship in the past afer all ^_^ ANd even after break up, all evidence, or all things that reminds one of the relationship must be destroy along with it.. IF not, it will feel like one still feels for their ex, or there's still a certain feeling lingering around for them.. hehe SO i guess it will be best to ask your hubby to throw all those things away, for u dun like it.. lol =D And if the same thing happens to me, i will behave like u too.. hehe
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 08
I had experience extreme jealousy during my first month of marriage. FYI my marriage was arranged by our family and we were engaged for less than three months. During the first month he told me that he proposed to someone else and got rejected. So he marries me instead. I was really sad to know that I was the last choice and I was jealous to that woman because she was stuck to my husband's head for quite sometime. But I promise myself that I would make him fall for me and he did. He changes from being so grumpy to someone that can be tolerate. He even cries for me. We always go out together and had fun. He says that he loves me and misses me when I'm gone.
@ganderlot (352)
• United States
11 Nov 08
I might get a tinge of jealousy, but people and relationships are what life is about. I don't think you should begrudge the memories your husband had with people/girlfriends before he knew you. Regards
@daceyp (327)
11 Nov 08
im glad my partner doesnt keep photos of his exs.its bad enough that i know most of them and some have been friends at sometime or another.just as long as he doesnt call you by there names i dont think there is any real reason to to be jealous of a few pics,i know when my partner called me by his ex wife name the day his divorce came through i hit the roof