Do you think a girl and a boy can be good friends?

November 11, 2008 10:08am CST
I think this is impossible.A girl and a boy can't be good friends.Because we are heterosexual in nature.What I can share or something else with a boy who is my close friend, I can't do the same with a girl.So according to me it is a tough job to make friendship with a girl.What do you say?
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@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
11 Nov 08
Of course we can be good friends- Its only if you THINK like that, you let it happen. I mean- if you think about it, you're more likely to be tempted into thinking you fancy/love/lust etc. this person- But if you don't think about it at all, not even the friendship, then you dont get the same confusion. Like- i've never thought about me and my guy friend Josh getting together- and i'm assuming he's never thought about it either (he's quite confident and if he had- then he probably would have made a move). However i've had some friends such as a guy called Kevin, whom i've thought about in two different prospectives, even though i wouldn't want anything to happen between us- it still left me feeling confused. If you think too much- then you get confused. If you dont think at all- you're just a friend.
• India
11 Nov 08
So you think it can be possible. Ok I have some questions for you.Answer please... 1. Can a girl and a boy see together an adult movie?Or anything more than it.Ok I take that you are able to see it.When you both are seeing it, if there is any gurantee that you will not be attracted by each other???????Think it....
• United States
12 Nov 08
I disagree completely! I have a number of good friends who are guys. One of my best friends is my friend Owen. I talk to him about everything and he always knows what to say to help me, and he's always there to listen. He's one of the best friends I could ask for. I talk to him about more then I talk to some of my close girl friends, and if something going wrong he's the first person I go to, and it helps alot because a guys point of view is different, you get more then the one side you get if you only talk to girls.
@ankur_sen (193)
• India
11 Nov 08
Always a gal n boy cn b good frend.but our society force those guys n gals 2 go beyond frendship or 2 cut d frendship.
@gerald_lian (2192)
• Australia
11 Nov 08
For me, I think it is indeed possible for a girl and a boy to be friends. In fact, currently in university my best friend is a girl (and I am a boy). I find that she helps me a lot in studies, and we can just talk about anything under the sun just like best friends do, including love and relationships. We also tend to do many things together, such as study together and have meals together. I did "feel" for her once, but I found out she already has a boyfriend, and I know that her boyfriend loves her a lot, and that she also loves her boyfriend a lot. So I am not going to try any silly things because I am not the type that likes to ruin relationships....but all in all, I affirm once again that it is possible for boys and girls to be friends. In your case, I guess that's just the way you have grown up to be, so that's why you think and feel that way. But you need to know that different people have different personalities and characeters, and what you go through might not be what another person goes through. All the best!