How do you approach the topic of strangers?

@ASteward (120)
United States
November 11, 2008 9:45pm CST
My kids are 3 and 4 so we've been teaching them not to talk to strangers and to stay with us in the store or in public really because someone could take them and we'd never see them again. I guess I'm curious how everyone else talks about this topic. How detailed do you get about what people could do? I don't want to terrify them, but I want them to know that this is serious and not to let anyone trick them. I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and Tom Arnold was on there promoting his movie where he plays a child predator. In clips he lures an 8 year old into his car and it's sooooo smooth that even adults might be tricked by it. They encouraged all parents to see it and I want to but I feel like it would be too upsetting. Please let me know your thoughts on the topic. Thank you in advance!
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@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
12 Nov 08
This is such a difficult subject. I remember agonizing about it when my children were young. I think that I told them not to go off with anyone whether they knew them or not. In public, yo have to watch them constantly - especially as they are so small. You cannot terrify them at this age. Remember though that molestations are mostly carried out by someone the child knows. I told my children that the paret of the body that was covered by brief or panty is private and no one has the right to touch them there except a doctor or a nurse and only if I or their Daddy was present. They will learn gradually that some grown ups are not good people and they have to keep away from them. whemn my children werre older we would act our situations if someone grabbed them and what to do. The one thing most children can do is bit. So tell them to bit hard and scream out loud. They can also kick in the person's private parts (genitalia) Keep your precious children as safe as you can my friend and be extremely careful about who babysits them. Then you have to tell them that even if the person threatens to hurt their mommy or Daddy if they tell they are not to beleive them and they are always to tell Mommy and Daddy. It is so sad to destroy a child's innocence qat such an early age but it must be done gradually. I don't know if any of the above helped but I hope so.
• India
12 Nov 08
It is really a hard time for the parents to try to cultivate such traits which we took for granted before having kids. My little three year old daughter takes a fancy to chocolates and will get in the most talkative moods in encounters with strangers at malls, cinemaplexes or hotels.Lately, she has just begun to grasp that without either mom or Dad being present, she is not to talk and we are pretty much encouraged.
@yuna15 (2707)
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
My toddler is only 3 years old but as early as now I'm thinking of how I can explain it to her because it terrifies me. She is just too friendly. She smiles at almost everybody who tries to talk or play with her. . We really can't let her go off our eyes or else she might be taken. We try our best that we can to explain to her for now to stay close to us. It's kinda difficult to explain for a kid that change but I'm sure she'll understand it slowly.