Please Look at this Seriouse Matter - Muslim and JEW

November 12, 2008 12:49am CST
When someone scarfices himself to keep other alive he is noble and all respect him. But when a Palestinian does that to save his son from being killed, his brother's arm being broken, his mother being raped, his home being destroyed, and his mosque being violated -- He gets the title of a Terrorist! WHY? Because he is a Muslim! !!!AND WHY!!! Why a JEW can grow his beard in order to practice his faith But when Muslim does the same, he is an extremist and Terrorist!
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@Nseries (123)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Excellent question
• Pakistan
20 Nov 08
Thanks Very Much.
@annjilena (5620)
• United States
12 Nov 08
thats a good question i know the muslims don,t like the jews i found this out when i was in egypt they try to avoid them like the plague my daughter tried to explain because she is a muslim ,her and her husband .but i still don,t understand it that well.but what you are saying there between the two is not a whole lot of differents here one reason she did say was jew was greedy it,s a lot people thats greedy. a lot things i don,t agree with and don,t understand.
• Pakistan
25 Nov 08
that's really great!!