Singapore In the next few years - 2009 to 2012

November 12, 2008 2:00am CST
Someone painted a very positive future of Singapore for the next few years. It was mentioned that Singapore should be okay and will not be badly impacted by the current Global Financial Crisis due to the following forthcoming events: 1. Population to incease to above 5 million by importing talents 2. 2 Integrated Resorts to be opened by 2009 3. Youth Olympics to be held in 2010 4. Universal studio to opened around 2009/2010 5. General Election coming soon - 2010/2011 6. Singapore has hosted the F1 night race and will continue to host In view of the above events, optimism is that Singapore is facing temporary setback and will recovery by 2009 and starting growing from there. Today's newspaper mentioned that Goverment is telling the govt agencies to start preparing for General Election, meanings more goodies will be given out, just like simulus package, and thus will stimulate the ecomony..It might not be so gloomy afterall... From a international perspective, US has a new president and this new President should be working very hard to resolve the crisis. He has made history by being the first president and I strongly believe he will want to make history to be a Black president who serve 2 terms. To serve 2 terms, he will have to solve the current crisis. He make made histroy also if he could solve the current crisis. Do you agree that Singapore will be okay with the above 6 events..pls feel free to share views on the future of singapore, esp on the impact of each event on Singapore..cheers
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