Manny Ramirez is a looser!

@stinge (808)
United States
November 12, 2008 2:56am CST
Of course I am a red sox fan, and I was happy to see Manny get traded. But speaking as a sports fan, this guy is a bum! He is one of the best hitters in the game today, but the way he forced himself out of boston was wrong. Then he goes to the dodgers and plays his a$$ off. Now he's looking for a long term deal this off season. I'm hearing his agent say the 2 yr contract the dodgers are offering him is disrespectful. He said something like there are other players out there that are much older getting long term deals. Has Manny's agent forgotten how much of a moron his client is? I guess Manny's agent doesn't remember how many times Manny being Manny did'nt want to run out a ground ball when the red sox were being no-hit by John Lackey from the Anaheim Angels. Or how about the time that he said his knee was hurting and he couldn't play in a game against the Yankees. Manny has made so many request to be traded in the past, and has been a major distraction in his time spent in Boston. His agent argues the fact that Ramirez batted over 400 in his time spent with LA, and in the playoffs as well. I guess I could bat over 400 with 4 home runs in the post season and be on my best behavior if I was looking for a contract at the end of the season too! Manny and his agent are both a couple of jacka$$es, and it's a shame that some moron general manager is going to offer him any kind of money.
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