bringing packed lunch to work

November 12, 2008 3:11am CST
when my husband started working in a call center last week, we computer his expenses like gasoline and food. i wanted him to bring the car to work so that he can come home after work and not be delayed by commuter traffic, as he still has work to do at home (at the store actually). so the other way that we could save up would be that he bring packed lunch to work. and he did from his first day onwards. when his batchmates saw him, they were inspired to also bring packed lunch to work. at least, that would save him about a thousand pesos monthly from eating food from the cafeteria. what about you? would you also bring packed lunch to work to save on expenses? take care all and God bless you! :-)
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• Malaysia
12 Nov 08
I always cook for my husband so that he can bring packed lunch to work. Every day I will prepare dinner and I will cook extra so that early the next morning I just have to reheat the meals and pack it for my husband. It is my husband's request to bring food from home because of some reasons. First, he doesn't like to eat outside because he is not certain about the cleanliness in the stores. Second, the food is expensive and he would rather bring food from home so that we could save money on other things. Third, the store from my husband's workplace is far so he don't have enough time to go and eat there. He would be tired and waste time on his journey and some more he would lose money.