Do you think every people must have a religion?

November 12, 2008 3:33am CST
So...Region is somethink that people held. It's all about spirituality. Every religion teach a kind matter. But in the other hands, the differeces of religion could bring the mess. Such as war, fighting, etc. So give the comment about this problem.
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@jolope (988)
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
i think that its not wrong to have something to believe in.. so having a spiritual relationship is way better than just saying its a religion.. its not really a must but just think of this..there's nothing to lose either.. :)
• Indonesia
14 Nov 08
That's the point in!! I think, maybe, sometime its not enough word to describe what is spiritual things about. We just playin. So that's us.
• Philippines
12 Nov 08
Nope. Religion is also made by man and is pretty much run by them also, if you don't like the religion that you are in and don't like any, you can actually make your own.
• India
12 Nov 08
Hi ! In this beautiful world humanity is what i think is important not the religion. Its not bad if u follow some religion but its not necessary to follow 1 . I love all religion and grasp good things from them but I wont say I am a follower of such n such religion . I m born free n I live free. So it depends up on individual which way he/she intend to.