denmar is the name of my pet dog

November 12, 2008 3:51am CST
Denmar is a brown dog. My friend gave it to me when I worked as a bible school registrar. You just don't know how excited I was to have my own dog. My friend told me that she just picked up Denmar from the sidewalk. She felt pitty on the poor brown little puppy. Unfortunately, my friend did'nt have space for Denmar to stay because she just live in a small boarding house. That's why she thought of giving the dog to me as a gift. Denmar got her name from the combination of my name, Maricel and my brother's name, Dennis. She was born on June 12, 2005. She became my roommate and partner in eating. Wow! What a feeling to have a very special friend every now and then. After a year, she had her first seven little cutty puppies. But unfortunately, the three puppies died due to immature birth. I gave the three other puppies to my friends and took the very first puppy as my new own pet. I love to watch Denmar and her little son playing in the ground. Like human beings, they really love each other so much. I named Denmar's son, Frodo because of my favorite movie "The Lord of the Rings".
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