Is HONESTY really the best policy?

November 12, 2008 5:54am CST
Is honesty really the best policy when it comes to relationships? Something to think about. I thought about that question over and over until i got lost in the brink of reality. I have been watching the tv all day yesterday and i came across this talk show, it is a replay btw, where they featured men, who have been dishonest to their partners. One guy justified that he's been lying to his wife about his other "personal affairs" because he doesn't want her to be hurt by the truth. He said, that the reason he lied is because he wants to give his wife a peace of mind, trying to spare her of the crooked reality that he has been cheating for a while now, he has been trying to spare her feelings. Hell Yeah! He justified further that he has been lying to her because he doesn't want to create an additional burden for his wife, with all the house work and emotional chaos that she has to go through everyday, he was just trying to save her from emotional breakdown. He ended and I quote "I'm just trying to make her happy and fulfilled." All through out the show, his face was blurred to protect his privacy, so to speak. But it got me thinking, what is going on with the minds of the wives who watched the show?
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@zahfran (851)
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16 Mar 09
Honesty is the best policy if you've already known the person inside out and knows his/her character whether they are able to accept the truth. Different people take the truth differently. So unless you've known someone for about 5 years or more, then honesty is the best policy. Just my honest point of view. :)