Is it possible to have an 'ageless society'? What are the implications?

@syfarisk (378)
November 12, 2008 5:59am CST
Anti-aging has become a major talking point in the health industry today. Many companies have marketed products that are related to anti-aging. Aging is basically all the internal and external effects that happen to us due to the deterioration of the body as we grow older. Examples of aging include increased wrinkles, lower memory retention, weaker immune system, decrease in muscle mass, white hair and osteoporosis. There are many products that can reverse those effects to a certain extent, and can cure diseases related to aging such as diabetes and high blood pressure, thus those product are called 'anti-aging products'. However, I watched the Discovery Channel recently, and experts in this field of study have done a lot research and the outcomes are overwhelming. Doctors and scientists who do this research are claiming that one day we can have an 'ageless society', due to the scientific breakthrough that they managed to discover. They have found a solution that can stop and reverse aging for good, and now they are in the process of doing further testing. As much as it sounds amazing, it also sounds scary. What implications do you see happening if these future anti-aging products, that are claimed to be able to make someone 'ageless', are released into the market? I would love to know your comments.
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