the matrix

@amitavroy (4824)
November 12, 2008 6:08am CST
the matrix i personally feel is one of the best movie ever made in hollywood. the concept of the movie is very interesting. at first when i saw the movie i did not understand a bit of the same. but then i saw it again and i got some more of it. finally the third time i got the complete meaning and i was so amazed by the concept of the movie. the main character is shown with such nice style. he acted great. Neo is still the best performance by Keanue Reaves. well when you have done such a character then sometimes others look very dull. the plot is developed in a smooth pace with neo slowly realizing the truth that they are not free men. they are actually bonded labours and that he has the power to destroy it all. but then he has to fight a very strong opposition. all in all a great movie and the next 2 parts are also great. if you have seen then great or else go and watch it.
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@mtsandeep (1586)
• India
11 Jan 09
same here. It is my favorite movies. I will watch it when ever i can. I have watched the 3 movies in one stretch without having food. I liked the story and wise use of graphics, camera and action. Great movie
@lou_66 (909)
12 Nov 08
i to did enjoy the matrix but i would nt place in my list a favourites. i think this film lacks emotion and that keanue reeves takes hi part too seriously. i also think it lacks romance. i did like the concept of the movie though. happy mylotting