Buying referrals? Is it worth it?

@Takashy (496)
November 12, 2008 7:44am CST
So I have joined some PTC sites and apparently some of them are selling referrals. So I wanted to ask you people there on MyLot. Hav eyou bought any referrals on the sites you that you use? Or do you try to get referrals the normal way? (asking people to sign up) And if you have bought those referrals. Was it worth it? Do they help at all with the amount of money you can get for each day? Also, all the sites say are that you can buy referrals. None of them say that they are going to be active. And who would want inactive referrals? Or are those so called referrals just some script that kinda "clicks" all those adds each day helping you to get a few cent more each day? I was just wondering because some sites sell those referrals for a lot more than you can actually can get on those sites so you would need some time to actually get back the money you spend on those referrals. I am not not going to buy them anytime soon because I just started a week ago and sill haven't received a cent but I might do it someday if they happen to help a lot and if I can't find another way of getting people to sign up using my ref link. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think about this topic.
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@impexp (246)
• China
12 Nov 08
I'd ever thought to buy referrals to help my earning.But most of my friends said it was usless.The sites might sell you some referrals who were not active, thus you wasted your invest.I'd checked the forum of certain sites and saw many complaints to the inactive referrals.Some other sites even admitted the package of referrals were false because part of the enrolled members were created by machine,not real man.Now you see it really no use to buy referrals unless you promise to chargeback certain percentage to people who would be your referrals.