November 12, 2008 9:51am CST
Does any of you actualy listen to rapper Nelly? What do you think of his personality and his music? It kind of suprises me that a lot of people dislike his music but most people don't understand he helped hip hop out big time. After Eminem and Jay Z he's the best hip hop seller. Unfortunately his latest album "Brass Knuckles" flopped.
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@stinge (808)
• United States
1 Dec 08
It's not always about album sales to me. sometimes it's where you are from in my opinion. when he 1st came out he had a different sound. Plus the fact that he was from st louis. He put that town on the map and had alot of fan support from that area I'm guessing. But all artist don't last forever. He had a song over the summer, I think it was with fergie. I don't know the name of it but it was complete trash. I thought to myself when I 1st heard it, "these artist are going to the studio and ust recording anything"! I mean that song was garbage!!!! For the most part all that Nelly has going for him is that he's in great shape, and he's dating the future mother of my kids Ashanti. Lucky b@stard!! But the whole posing with your shirt off can only get you so far. I gues he was just a phase. He was hot at the right time, and now his time has passed. Knowone can explain it, it just happens. Look at Rich Boy. He had that one hot a$$ single "throw some d's on it" Where is he now?
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• Netherlands
1 Dec 08
I agree with you on most points. The single you're talking about is "Party People" (how could you forget, they say it about 100 times in that song lol). He's going to come out with an other album next year with Pharell, Akon and T Pain. Thanks for your comment!